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“I am constantly approached by colleagues who care desperately about their patients’ health but who feel abandoned by the current healthcare system. Now there is a place to turn. The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative is first and foremost a peer support network dedicated to helping primary care physicians practice true prevention with care, respect, and kindness toward the patient.” Erika Schwartz, M.D.

The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative is a community of physicians who are dedicated to the treatment of age-related endocrine dysfunction with bioidentical hormones and other evidence-based integrative therapies.

Our experience, based on the successful treatment of tens-of-thousands of patients and backed by extensive clinical and scientific research, proves the effectiveness of these therapies.

BHI's goal is to serve as a source of information, educational resources and professional dialog, to encourage the exchange of ideas, and to promote the knowledge required for the successful implementation of bioidentical hormone therapies and other integrative therapies in the medical practice.

We believe that bioidentical hormones, together with closely calibrated nutritional and lifestyle therapies, can help our patients improve their quality of life, prevent chronic illness, and obtain optimal health."

Guiding Principles

  • We must EDUCATE fellow physicians and the public about the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormone therapies and other integrative therapies.

  • We must RESTORE humanity to a safer healthcare system by providing care, respect, hope, and empowerment to our patients.

  • We must RECOGNIZE the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and understand that the patient comes first.

  • We must FOCUS on true prevention, rather than the diagnosis of disease.

  • We must INCORPORATE the use of bioidentical hormones, supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and stress management into a comprehensive new medical paradigm based on humanism and compassion.


BHI Online houses an archive of hormone-related citations for biomedical literature. Also provided are links to PubMed and the NCBI molecular biology resources.


BHI Online strives to support healthcare professionals through webinars presented by leading experts in their respective fields.


Join the conversation with BHI Online's forums aimed at providing information through communities.

Latest News

A selection of stories and articles making headlines in the field of Bioidentical Hormone therapies.

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