AMA Adopts New Policy Against Anti-Aging Hormones

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The AMA doesn't represent doctors, or their patients' best interests

The American Medical Association has shown where its loyalties lie – and it’s not with America’s doctors or their patients.

Instead the AMA has demonstrated yet again it is a bought-and-paid-for tool of the pharmaceutical industry.

At its annual meeting in Chicago this week, the AMA decided there is “evidence” that long-term use of Human Growth Hormone can present more risks than benefits and that bioidentical hormones are no safer than traditional estrogen and progesterone products.

Well, thanks for the warning guys.

But what motivated the AMA to come up with these opinions? And since when has it been in the business of alerting the public to dangerous treatments?

We must have missed their memos about Premarin, Crestor, Vioxx, Bextra and Celebrex, to name but a few – all massively promoted by the pharmaceutical firms, green-lighted by the FDA and later found to be deadly.

How come the AMA was silent then? Because they didn’t want to upset their big-pharma patrons.

Now these clumsy agents of the status quo have waded into the debate about bioidenticals and HGH – clearly motivated once again by a craven desire to please the drug firms who are aghast at the pace these products are being accepted by the public.

In particular, Oprah Winfrey’s support of bioidenticals has had a huge impact on women and their doctors, opening the door to a safe and effective treatment that the drug companies wish would go away.

How much study has been done by the AMA that leads them to discredit bioidenticals? If it had done a truly impartial investigation it would have come to a different conclusion. There is a mountain of evidence available to refute their position. Instead the AMA is content to be a mouthpiece for all that is wrong with medicine today.

The AMA is not an ally of caring doctors or their patients. It’s a discredited agent of the same medical establishment that has helped drive healthcare into the ground.

Now the AMA has inserted itself into the national debate on healthcare reform.

Patients beware. If the AMA is in favor of something, better take a good look at the alternative.

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