The Hormone Diet: Why Hormone Balance = Lasting Weight Loss

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Natasha Turner, M.D.


Imagine exercising daily and counting calories, only to have your belly fat and love handles grow bigger and bigger. The more you strive to meet your goal, the farther you are from achieving it. It’s the always shocking, incredibly frustrating, unsuccessful dieting phenomenon. And it happened to me. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidismn and PCOS while pursuing my degree in naturopathic medicine, I realized that I wanted to uncover and successfully treat the culprit behind so many ailments today–ranging from mood swings to stubborn weight loss, PMS and even certain cancers–hormonal imbalance, or as I see in many patients, imbalances.

My intense efforts failed because they only served to make my hormonal imbalance, the true underlying cause of my weight gain, worse. Unbeknownst to me, I had a deficiency of thyroid hormone lurking in the background. The imbalance only worsened because the physical stress associated with excessive caloric restriction and over-exercising actually increased the negative impact on my thyroid hormone deficiency and further slowed my metabolism. After this experience, three points quickly became very clear to me. First, weight loss is by no means only about calories in versus calories out; hormonal balance needs to be added to the equation. Second, hormones are very powerful substances that influence many aspects of our health and well-being. And third, the level of one hormone impacts another, which confirms the need to think big picture when it comes to weight loss.

Through my years of clinical practice, I have gained a much clearer view of the real big picture. Exploring the interrelationship between our hormones and so many functions in the body, I began to realize that a step-by-step approach needed to be followed in order to restore total balance and long-term health. I knew that veering from this course would make lasting results next to impossible. I also knew my approach would not necessarily be the quickest, but it would be the most effective. I developed a new equation for weight loss that takes my approach, years of research and patient trials into consideration to achieve lasting results:

Hormonal Balance + (Calories Taken In – Calories Burned) = Lasting Fat Loss

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