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Bioidentical Hormone Initiative, a leading advocate for education and debate of bioidentical hormones, launches its newly re-designed website.

The bioidentical hormone initiative is pleased to announce the launch of its newly re-designed website http://bioidenticalhormoneinitiative.org.  The website is dedicated to promoting education and a national dialogue between healthcare professionals in the field of bioidentical hormone therapies.

At the bioidentical hormone initiative, our goal is to provide our visitors with a captivating interactive experience in examining the issues surrounding bioidenticalhormones, age related endocrine dysfunctions and integrative therapies.  The new website not only includes content authored by leading national experts, but also news and opinion reported by the global press and media. We also allow users to submit their own articles for publication andfurther the debate with comment and discussion on these issues through our forums.

Our website allows users to educate themselves by accessing our extensive library of clinical and scientific research, video webinars and our leading online training programs.   Users can sign up for our free monthly webinars where our experts will discuss issues surrounding integrating bioidentical hormones into the medical practice.

We invite you to visit our website today and join in the debate. 


The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative was established in 2008 by a community of conventionally trained physicians who are dedicated to the treatment of age-related endocrine dysfunction with bioidentical hormones and other evidence-based integrative therapies.BHI's goal is to serve as a source of information, educational resources and professional dialog.  We believe that bioidentical hormones, together with closely calibrated nutritional and lifestyle therapies, can help patients improve their quality of life, prevent chronic illness, and obtain optimal health.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 12:27


BHI Online houses an archive of hormone-related citations for biomedical literature. Also provided are links to PubMed and the NCBI molecular biology resources.


BHI Online strives to support healthcare professionals through webinars presented by leading experts in their respective fields.


Join the conversation with BHI Online's forums aimed at providing information through communities.

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